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Kaospilot Creative Leadership builds on more than 25 year of experience from what has been called “the most courageous business education in the world”. The main idea of the program is to develop mindsets and skills to lead teams by adopting an action-oriented learning approach. This type of leadership is important in organizations that work in complex and changing environments and are looking for ways to access the collective intelligence and agency in their teams. A learning and creativity approach is also highly relevant in networked organizations with distributed leadership and in the emerging collaborative approaches to public governance and service delivery.

Since 2008 more than 1.000 leaders from all over the world have gone through the nine-day training program taking place in Aarhus, Barcelona, Tokyo and New York.

Paul is co-founder and co-facilitator of Kaospilot Creative Leadership.

Internationally recognized
Based on +25 years Kaospilot experience
+1.000 participants from all over the world
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