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A place and a platform for citizen led change, run independently as a community of people who support each other in taking initiative and acting on problems and dreams from their own lifes. The result is courage, agency and initiatives that renew society and democracy on a local scale.

Sager der Samler started in 2012 and it has been a platform for a large number of citizen initiatives. The vision is to make local engagement a driving force in the transformation towards a more human, sustainable and democratic society. Democracy is about having influence on one’s own life, to be heard, and to help create solutions as a political actor, not only as a consumers.

The project is a response to two major trends of our time. On the one hand, is the need for more solutions that come from the bottom up. And on the other hand, there is a desire for many to be active co-creators in the development of our society. We are not satisfied with simply casting our votes.

Paul is co-founder of Sager der Samler.

Founded in 2012 and ongoing
Self-sustaining and independent
National point of reference for citizen led change
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